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Who benefits from QualifiedChat?

Our focus is serving the chat needs of small and medium sized businesses who advertise online using Pay-Per-Click (PPC), or who have invested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We've proven that companies who market heavily for first page positioning on Google benefit the most from QualifiedChat.

We squeeze every last possible client out of your marketing/advertising budget. Even a few additional clients (from the same expenditure) can make the difference between success or failure. QualifiedChat helps you succeed by capturing clients you would otherwise lose.

While QualfiedChat has immediate benefits for all business types that advertise online, we have created industry-specific solutions for:

Attorneys and Law Firms

Online intake staff for Law Firms

Our carefully trained chat agents answer website visitors 24-7, acting as your online intake team.

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Dentists and Dental Offices

24-7 Live Chat for Dentists

We handle web visitors more efficiently and at less cost than your front office staff can do in-house.

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Contractors and Home Services

Generate new business for HVAC and Plumbing companies

We make it easy for website visitors to connect with your business before moving on to the next site.

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Doctors and Medical Offices

HIPAA compliant Live Chat for Doctors

Our HIPAA compliant chat ensures the health information of your web visitors is always secure.

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Real Estate Professionals

Live chat for Realtors, Developers and Brokers

Our live chat agents handle your online real estate enquires 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Universities and Higher Education

We handle intake questions for your admissions staff 24-7

We pre-qualify potential students and send the leads to your admissions office for follow-up.

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Aged Care and Senior Living

Seniors find it easy to chat with a live agent rather than a computer

Seniors and their families appreciate chatting with a live person, putting them at ease during a difficult time.

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Other Small or Medium Business?

QualifiedChat's 24-7 live chat agents benefit any business that has a significant marketing/advertising budget, by making it easier for website visitors to connect with your company. In today's instant gratification society, people expect to connect right away.

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Free 14-Day Trial & Setup

You are invited to a 14-day trial at no charge. We even provide free setup and technical support to add QualifiedChat to your website. If you are not 100% satisfied there is no cost or obligation. Sign up today!

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We turn your web visitors into clients with a chat. We connect with prospects on a personal level and immediately make them feel at ease. We chat for businesses all day – every day. It's what we do. We take great pride in doing it better than anyone else. Read More

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