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Our Team

We believe in the power of the team. Working together to do more. To achieve more. Turning obstacles into opportunities.

The power behind QualifiedChat is the combined talent of a team of innovative programmers, database nerds, customer service champions and just great people. In 2002, three friends came together to start what has become one of the best-kept secrets in the tech world. And we like it this way. No venture capital for us. We love our work, our freedom and the satisfaction that comes helping our clients grow.

We have proudly served the needs of over 1,500 customers in the USA and Canada with a near perfect satisfaction rating. Over the years we've earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. What more can we say?

We started small, but as time went on, we saw the need for a more effective way to handle web chats for our clients. If every problem has a solution, then QualifiedChat is the solution to a problem facing millions of businesses every day.

The premise is simple:

Inventing a solution like QualifiedChat takes time, money and patience. Perfecting the "bits" while keeping everyone happy was a challenge. But we did it. And our customers love us.

Our Customers

We chat for you. Our customers have businesses just like yours. We answer every chat promptly, politely and professionally. Try it yourself with a 14-day free trial.

We believe in our customers. We see it day-after-day working for you. You are the multi-taskers, midnight owls, risk-takers. We value your efforts to provide great service and your commitment to your business. When we speak, we speak for you.

Our Product

Our flagship product – QualifiedChat – defines our commitment to revolutionize the way businesses use chat on their websites. Our lineup of chat related services enables large and small companies alike to easily and economically provide a superior chat experience to visitors and gain clients at the same time. A true win-win.

Over the years, obstacles surfaced that required new thinking. These challenges strengthened our capabilities resulting in new features. Among these:

  • task_alt Custom Chat Windows
    – matches your website perfectly.
  • task_alt Mobile/Tablet/Desktop Design
    – the right design for all platforms.
  • task_alt Geo-Mapping & Chat Routing
    – route leads the way you want.
  • task_alt Scripting
    – you choose what to ask and how we should respond.
  • task_alt Google Analytics Integration
    – just provide your tracking ID and add goals for chat leads.
  • task_alt CRM Integration
    – we manage the lead, they manage the data.
  • task_alt Budgeting
    – controls your spending.
  • task_alt Agent Training
    – experienced staff always working for you.
  • task_alt Call Tracking
    – clearly identify and track advertising performance.
  • task_alt Quick Connect
    – instantly connects you with a prospect by phone.

See our complete features list.

Our Future

As the internet and chat evolve, we adapt. As customer needs change, we listen. As technology changes, we find ways to make it work better and faster. We are committed to refining the way people communicate via chat. We strive to make our service the best in the world. As our business grows, we will continue to add value and service. And we pledge to always treat our customers, and their customers, with the respect and dignity they deserve.

This is doing business our way.

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You are invited to a 14-day trial at no charge. We even provide free setup and technical support to add QualifiedChat to your website. If you are not 100% satisfied there is no cost or obligation.

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We turn your web visitors into clients with a chat. We connect with prospects on a personal level and immediately make them feel at ease. We chat for businesses all day – every day. It's what we do. Read More

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