We get lots of questions. We don't mind sharing a few that come up from time-to-time. If you have a question you don't see here, feel free to give us a shout. We are always happy to chat!

You claim a 35% increase in leads – how is this possible?

Simple, our clients share their results. Some do better – some worse. In every case however, clients report a measurable improvement in lead conversions using our chat service, without increasing their ad spending. Use our ROI Calculator to see what your results could be.

I spend a small fortune with Google Ads – now you want me to pay you too. You've got to be kidding!

You are a perfect candidate for our service. The name-of-the-game is conversions. It's just math. A 35% increase in conversions, without spending more in advertising, has a huge impact on your bottom line. Our live chat agents squeeze more prospects from the same number of web visitors. Our fee is peanuts in comparison. Simply, you make more money with QualifiedChat than doing it yourself, or heaven forbid, not doing chat at all.

I'm not convinced chat will work for me – can I test it first?

You bet. All clients receive the first 14-days free-of-charge. There is no setup fee and no hidden charges. If after 14 days, you want to cancel, just let us know. No hard feelings. We don't even ask for your credit card until the trial period is complete. How is that for confidence?

I already have chat on my website. How are you different?

We provide depth and coverage. We work with many customers who already have chat on their website that is handled by their employees. They use our live chat agents to handle overflow during the workday and at night, during vacations, weekends and holidays. Many customers eventually prefer to have their employees do follow-up from the QualifiedChat leads we generate. Which, by the way, is a better use of their time. Your employees will love our service!

Do your agents offer specific advice?

Absolutely not. We encourage web visitors to open up and tell us their story by asking leading questions. You receive the entire transcript and read their story in their own words.

How do you define what a sales lead is?

In short: a sales lead is a bona-fide client prospect. A qualified sales lead has to meet all of the following criteria:

  • checkThey must be a new contact;
  • checkThey cannot be a duplicate;
  • checkThey must be an appropriate client for your services and location;
  • checkThey have expressed an interest in being contacted by you; and
  • checkThey have provided a real name and phone number or email address.
I don't have time to sort through chat leads to determine which are qualified sales leads. Who decides?

We do. Our chat agents grade every lead by type: 1) "Sales"; 2) "Existing Client"; 3) "Support"; and 4) "Other". Plus our computer system reviews every chat to locate and label "Duplicate". Finally, our Q.A. team reviews all chats. You are billed only for qualified "Sales" chats.

What if I don't feel a particular chat is a sales lead?

We credit you. You have the final say if a chat is qualified or not. Of course, we will ask why, and then apply what we learn to future chats. We're not called QualifiedChat by accident!

What happens when the chat is not sales related?

We complete and forward all chats – even those that are not billable. Nearly half of all chats are not billable – but almost all contain valuable information that you need to see. We never stop a chat prematurely. Again, non-sales chats are not billable.

I'm concerned I'll miss an opportunity to speak with a really great prospect and lose the client. How do you handle this?

We are concerned too. Which is why we offer the option of instantly transferring chat visitors to you via phone. Normally, not all chats are handled this way – we base it on guidelines you select. Of course, we also complete the chat record and send the chat email too, so you have a copy of the record at your fingertips. We do not charge extra for this, it is included.

Is your chat service HIPAA compliant?

QualifiedChat is completely HIPAA compliant and ensures the security of your website visitors and patients as well as their Personal Health Information (PHI).

I use a CRM like Salesforce.com – can you import lead data?

We integrate with Salesforce.com, Infusionsoft, HubSpot, QuickBase, Captorra, Velocify/Leads360 and other CRM software by automatically importing lead data from QualifiedChat. No more data entry delays, copy/paste and input errors.

We use Google Analytics/Facebook Pixel. How do we import data regarding the chats?

You don't have to. We integrate directly with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. You will be able to see the impact QualifiedChat service has on your conversion data right from your control panel. For Google Analytics, simply provide your tracking ID when setting up your account, and add goals to Analytics to track the results. For Facebook Pixel, provide your Facebook Account Code when provisioning your QualifiedChat account.

I want my chat leads limited to my market area. How do you prevent leads from outside of that?

First, Geo-Mapping is a function of your Google Ads campaign. We handle every chat lead that your website generates. We do, however, accommodate clients who have multiple offices by routing leads based on their office locations. We make sure the right lead gets to the right office.

What about limiting chats to certain services, or areas of practice?

The best way to make sure you receive chat leads for specific services is to place chat on select web pages – including landing pages. We can also ask qualifying questions, and direct the conversation. In some cases, people don't read and get on the wrong page. Sometimes we do have to respond with "Sorry no, we don't fix toilets…"

Can your agents connect chat visitors to our office by phone?

Call Connect is a feature that can connect the chat visitor to you by phone.

How it Works: If this feature is enabled, the QualifiedChat agent will connect the visitor to the phone number you specify during the days/hours you wish to be connected. By default our agents only connect valid leads to you by phone. Our agents serve as an excellent first point of contact to help make sure your phone rings with priority calls. We do send you all chat transcripts, so you can decide to follow up with any other chat visitors later. Call Connect is only available for USA and Canada visitors.

Do you have setup instructions for QualifiedChat?

Yes, you can download our QualifiedChat Code Installation PDF guide. This document explains the basic and more advanced methods of enabling QualifiedChat on your website.

We are not technically savvy. What is involved in enabling QualifiedChat on our website and what does it cost?

No problem. Our technicians handle this for you. Steer us to the person who updates your website, or give us the login details and we will do it for you. Either way, there is no cost for providing this service.

What if I go on vacation and want to suspend chats while I am gone?

Give us a call (or chat) and we will suspend your account while you are away. Have a good trip!

I want to try your service but I'm on a budget. Can I set a limit?

You bet. Tell us what you want and we will set it up so QualifiedChat runs within your budget. No unpleasant surprises. As you grow, update your budget as often as you want.

What does it cost to setup a QualifiedChat account?

Nothing. Zip, zilch, nada…Zero dollars.

What do you charge and how do you bill for QualifiedChat leads?

Pretty simple. We charge $19.95 per qualified sales lead. We process charges on the first of each month (for the prior month's activity).

Aren't you worried about not getting paid?

We haven't experienced much bad debt since our founding in 2002. It does happen, but rarely.

After the 14-day trial what does it take to keep going?

To continue service after the trial, we activate your account with a primary and secondary credit card. That's it. As mentioned, you can contact us any time for changes.

What credit cards do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Can I pay by check?

No. Sorry, we've been down that road.

What are the terms of using your service?

There is no minimum term, quantity or budget.

I have a small business – is QualifiedChat appropriate for me?

Our service is designed for businesses of all size. Small businesses especially benefit because the addition of virtual chat staff has such a large impact on your day right from the start. You don't have to worry about who is managing the store when you are tied up.

What about Multiple Locations? I manage the Intake Group for our offices across the US. Does QualifiedChat really meet our needs? Is it as cost-effective as doing it ourselves?

Yes, yes and yes. Let's start with managing lead data. We integrate with all major CRM software. Analytics? Already integrated. Tracking telephone numbers? Got them too (local and toll-free). Are we cost effective? As we say, it's just math. Do the numbers yourself. It would be nearly impossible for any business to reach the level of efficiency that we have achieved. Not to mention avoiding the hassles of managing both the technology and personnel needed.

What about quality? Who does the training and how do we know my customers feel like they are well treated?

You'll know how clients feel by reading their chats and speaking with them. Training at QualifiedChat is never-ending. Our agents routinely attend client training. The interesting thing is, what we learn from one client frequently benefits another. Think of it as the lifetime accumulation of experience times 1,500 customers since our founding in 2002.

What if I don't like the service and want to discontinue?

It's your decision. At your request we will remove the QualifiedChat window, complete any chats that are in process and suspend your account. You don't even have to remove our chat from your website. We handle that too.

We will keep your account details on file, so when you realize how much value QualifiedChat had, you can reactivate. At no charge – of course!


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