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Give seniors and their families a better experience, and see a 35% increase in responses. You only pay for qualified sales leads.

PLEASE NOTE: Our agents do not provide aged care advice. We are a marketing service that helps you grow your business.


Increase Leads 35%

Spend a fortune with Google? Don't let unanswered chats waste your money. Prospects frequently go with the first company that engages them. Our live agents answer every chat promptly, politely and professionally. Get your money's worth from your advertising.

Live Chat Agents 24-7

We chat for you. We work 24-hours a day, every day, to make sure you get your share. Increase staffing without increasing staff. We engage visitors with chat before they have a chance to leave your website. Never miss another sales lead.

Senior Care Specialists

Our customers have facilities just like yours. Our carefully instructed live chat agents behave as part of your staff. They are trained on your objectives, and the services you offer.

Immediate Notification

We notify you immediately after every chat via email or text message. Plus, if you want, we connect you and your prospect by telephone during the chat session – at no additional cost.

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What is a qualified sales lead?

A sales lead is a prospect looking for what you offer.

It's simple. A bona-fide sales lead is a new contact from a prospect in your market area, complete with name and phone number or email, who is expecting follow-up from you.

If it's an incomplete record? No charge. Duplicate lead? No charge. Not a prospect? No charge. Existing client? No charge.

Already have chat in-house?

You should consider switching to us.

Think of it this way. Our live chat agents don't take vacations, goof around, show up late or ask for a raise. And, you only pay when we produce a new qualified sales lead.

Our 24-7 live chat agents handle web visitors better, faster and at less cost than you and your employees.

Call Connect Example

Hi, I am looking for a facility for my elderly mother

Glad to help, when would you be looking to utilize our services?

As soon as possible; she is 86 and sometimes has trouble doing things. She also needs help with administering her medication

It would be best to talk to our office, can I connect you by phone now?

Yes, please connect me now. Thanks for your help!

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