QualifiedChat has everything your business needs to provide a superior live chat experience – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From visitor engagement, design and customization to reporting and quality assurance, QualifiedChat's feature set will allow you to capture on average 35% more sales leads – without increasing staff or your advertising budget.

Visitor Engagement

Performance Based Pricing

Our performance-based pricing is simple – when we deliver a sales lead that can bring revenue to your business, you pay us $19.95. You only pay when we deliver a bona-fide sales lead from a web visitor that is expecting you to contact them. We are only successful if you are, so we found this pricing model to work best for our customers and us.

Continual Improvement

It starts out with a great script to give your visitors a terrific and consistent interaction no matter which of our highly trained agents take the chat. However, we don't stop there. Our Quality Assurance team monitors and reviews every chat for accuracy and looks to continually improve the experience for both you and your customers.

Live 24-7 Agents

Our live chat agents behave as part of your team, allowing you to increase staffing without increasing staff. They are trained on your business objectives, and what you offer. We engage visitors with chat before they have a chance to leave your website. Never miss another sales lead.

Call Connect

Don't miss a valuable new client. During office hours, we offer the option of instantly transferring priority chat visitors via phone. Our live chat agents serve as an excellent first point of contact, capturing lead information and sending you a copy of the transcript so the details are at your fingertips.

Chat via SMS

Increase mobile website engagement by allowing visitors to chat directly with our live 24/7 agents via SMS text messaging, using the messaging app of their choice.

Chat via Facebook

Visitors to your Facebook business page or news feed advertising can chat with our live agents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, instead of you having to monitor your Facebook messages.

English & Spanish

QualifiedChat has both English and Español agents available 24-7. Based on your visitors language selection, our system will automatically route the chat to the appropriate agent.

Popup on Exit

QualifiedChat reduces site abandonment by recognizing when visitors are about to leave. Before going, a call-to-action suggests they chat with our agents, greatly increasing your response rate.

Design & Customization

Agent Scripting

Our industry specific scripts serve as the starting point for your customization, ensuring the right response to your visitors questions – at the right time.

Custom Branding

The chat experience can be customized to closely match the look-and-feel of your business branding – including logos, images, and colors.

Mobile Optimized

The QualifiedChat invitation and chat window automatically sense smartphone and tablet devices, and adjust themselves to offer the best experience for mobile visitors.

Easy Setup

QualifiedChat can be launched from a single snippet of code. You or your web developer just need to add it to the website pages where you would like to offer a chat invitation.

HIPAA Compliant

QualifiedChat is fully compliant with the HIPAA Security Rule. We strictly follow security guidelines when handling the health information of your visitors.

Skill Based Routing

Our agents routinely attend client and industry specific training, and your visitors chats are automatically routed to the agents best suited to handling them.

Reporting & Quality Assurance

100% Q.A. Review

The QualifiedChat Quality Assurance team review every. single. lead. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the experience for your visitors, and apply what we learn to future chats.

Immediate Notification

We notify you immediately after every chat via email or text message. Plus, if you want, we connect you and your prospect by telephone during the chat session – at no additional cost.

CRM Integration

We integrate with popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software by automatically importing lead data from QualifiedChat.

Geo-mapping & Routing

Have multiple offices? We can automatically route leads based on the location. We make sure the right lead gets to the right office.

Lead Budgeting

Set your budget and manage your spending with lead budgeting. No unpleasant surprises. As you grow, update your budget as often as you want.

Reporting & Analytics

We integrate directly with Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel. You will be able to see the QualifiedChat conversion data in the respective dashboards.

14-day free trial

No credit card required

You are invited to a 14-day trial at no charge. We even provide free setup and technical support to add QualifiedChat to your website. If you are not 100% satisfied there is no cost or obligation.

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